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New Ronny Book, New Show

Ronny released “Little Girls that Bite“, a limited edition book at Comic Con San Diego. Each book has a unique signed illustration. There’s only 100 total, so grab one while you can. She also has a solo show in Burbank coming up, 8 PM, Friday, August 27, 2004 at Wax Poetic, the only salon I know of with a cocktail happy hour. Pure swank. Come see new work and the new book. If you are a fairy fan, and have *not* seen her oils, you owe it to yourself to drop in.

For more info about the show and the book, hit the site at


New Email Addresses and Mailing List for Vardy Fans

(from the latest mailing from Ronny and Zach)

info[at] is for general information about Ronny’s art and projects; sales[at] is to inquire about purchasing original art or a print; webmaster[at] is for comments/complaints about the website proper; and fooshka[at] is for personal contact

If you were on her mailing list in the past, and wish to be on it in the future, we have set up a new mailing list that you will need to subscribe to. Once subscribed, you can post to all the other subscribers on the list. If you have a question or a comment, it will likely get answered here first by the person best suited to answer it! Official announcements will be done through the mailing list from now on, so we can be certain not to bug anyone who doesn’t want to be bugged.

The list will be a place to sound off on improvements you’d like to see to the site as well. Since the site is being rebuilt, now would be a good time to send your ideas and suggestions.

To subscribe, send email to RonnyVardy-news-request[at] Put “subscribe” in the subject.

If you want to get the list in digest form (one big email a day, rather than have them trickle in): RonnyVardy-news-request[at] Also put “subscribe” in the subject.

Or just go to You can unsubscribe from there as well.

Once you are subscribed, you can send mail to RonnyVardy-news[at] to make a post.

Photo of Ronny from Comic Con

Ronny Vardy