August 24, 2004

New Ronny Book, New Show

Ronny released “Little Girls that Bite“, a limited edition book at Comic Con San Diego. Each book has a unique signed illustration. There’s only 100 total, so grab one while you can. She also has a solo show in Burbank coming up, 8 PM, Friday, August 27, 2004 at Wax Poetic, the only salon I know of with a cocktail happy hour. Pure swank. Come see new work and the new book. If you are a fairy fan, and have *not* seen her oils, you owe it to yourself to drop in.

For more info about the show and the book, hit the site at


August 20, 2003

Retailers selling Ronny Vardy Stuff

Nathaly of Ruby Red Boutique { 290 3rd Ave / Chula Vista, Ca. 91910 (619) 498-0315 } writes that she has some Ronny Vardy shirts and such. Cool! Any other retailers want to share their contact information?


August 6, 2003

Old Ronny Vardy Hot Topic T-Shirt

For some stupid reason I never put the image of the Ronny Vardy t-shirt design from the hottopic site up here. So, VERY belatedly, here it is.

Actually, I lied. Ronny visited my site and said:

The hottopic shirt on your site isn’t one of my designs. I think it might be Amy Brown’s. Thanks for all the traffic and for enjoying my work.

Thanks Ronny!


More T-Shirts!

More T-Shirts in the Ronny Vardy Store! And they’ve pulled the site out of frames now too. So Please do visit her site.

And the site announces that there’s more merchandise to come, too!



July 29, 2003

Ronny Vardy Merchandise!

Some new merchandise is appearing in a new Ronny Vardy Cafeshop. Nifty.

Still no luck with the search engines indexing her site though. Maybe because it’s in a frameset as Anyway. People can still get there from here.