Heidegger in Harlem (alternate) (live)

(Transcribed from live version at Acoustic at the Metro in Oakland, 2004)

Heidegger in Harlem on a Sunday afternoon
Black paint streaming down his face
He’s trying to equalize the distortion in my room
People screaming “Unify the race”
He says it takes too long la da da
Too long I have heard, Stew
I want to thank you for pushing my cart along

There’s a soap box burning
There’s a preacher in the street
Black Left Christian on the way
The preacher says that Jesus danced to communist beats
He said “Remember how he spread the fish and bread around that day”

But it took too long la da da
He said it took too long
Long I have heard, Stew
I want to thank you for pushing my cart along

Now, Heidegger collapses in a soul food restaurant
The Sisters bring him cool lemonade
One of them reads aloud from a notebook by the plate
And says “I think this poor white boy’s about to fade”
Said it took too long la da da
It took too long
Long I have heard, Martin
But thank you for pushing my card along
Swing Low
Sweet Chariot
Coming for to to carry me home
Swing Low
Sweet Cadillac
Coming for to carry me home
But it took too long la da da
It took too long
I have heard Jesus
I want to thank you for pushing my cart along

Now the preacher’s wearing boxing gloves, the crowd is with him now
He’s punching out the demons of The State
Even Malcolm smiles–
Adjusts his tie in the book store window
He says take me home now, Preacher, I cannot wait

History clock
don’t make no tick-tock
It won’t tell the time,
So which watch should be mine
It won’t plant the seeds,
That whisper through the trees
And sway under this song
That pushes my cart along

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