William Holden is… (Ain’t no Suzy Wong)

William Holden is a soldier,
And Nixon will not send him home.
With every card game he gets older,
So when on leave
He needs to roam.

Don’t judge him by his desires.
The puppet wires,
are strong.

William Holden is a Bart rider
bound for Hong Kong or Seoul
William Holden holds a token and then he asks
‘does this train flow to Tokyo?’

In his nightmare she’s a vampire,
And an empire,
And a song
So he sings along
“But there ain’t no Suzie Wong.”
“There ain’t no Suzie Wong”

William Holden is a brush fire,
And only ghosts will walk him home
And in his horror movie quagmire,
The truth got stripped right to the bone

He never was much of a listener,
He needs a prisoner,
To go with his war.
Why don’t you come along?
There ain’t no Suzie Wong
There ain’t no Suzie Wong

Hans moved back to live in Hamburg.
He bought a wife,
Didn’t you know?
She does the unthinkable absurd:
She nails him to a pedestal

In his nightmare free of feeling
He is kneeling
At her throne

But she holds a cold revolver,
Her problem-solver,
It’s her chaperone
And you and I know this is not right
But after midnight
Your halo’s gone
One suitcase into the street hurled
And half of his world,
Is still Viet Cong
Why don’t you sing along?

There ain’t no Suzie Wong
no there ain’t no Suzie Wong
no there ain’t no Suzie Wong

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